& Process Control

Projects " All in one ": we take care of the study, the management and the complete realization of your project. We establish quotes as clear and detailed as possible to limit at most the estimates and the unforeseen, always penalizing both on the budgetary plan and on the scheduling. 
During the study shift, functional analysis and plans are elaborated in narrow collaboration with you to answer exactly yours desideratas. 
Then, once the study validated by all parties, we start the phases of realization (electrical boards, progresses and the approaches, the installation and the connectings of cables) and of development software (Programming machine and development of the SCADA / HMI). 
Finally come the phases of test in workshop (FAT) and on-site (SAT). 
Thanks to our partnership with a mechanical engineering office, we can also perform the design, 3D modeling and supply of process equipments.


     -   Consultance during establishment of estimate or technical studies.
     -   Technical support on project, expertise.
     -   Starting of installations both in Belgium and abroad.
     -   Repairs.

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